“I consider that I live my entire life as an erotic artist.”
                                - Goddess Rosemary

 Biography written by “Troy – an Admirer”

In her numerous incarnations and with her adventurous life, Goddess Rosemary has proven that she is truly an artist of the erotic. From her years in Australia to her school days in the Tropics and the Andes Mountains of Peru, where she encountered much of the mystery and the ritual with which she now surrounds herself, the Goddess has constantly deepened her spirituality and developed the profoundly erotic style for which she is now famous amongst those who appreciate powerful women.

Amongst her many artistic achievements are her exhibition of her own art at Carnegie Hall, where sold her first drawing to Godfrey Rockefeller and her show at the club “The End”, where she worked with famous DJ, Junior Vasques, and exhibited her body as “living sculpture.”

Goddess Rosemary is an accomplished erotic dancer (a field in which she particularly exhibits her extraordinary spiritual magnetism and power over men and women) and performance artist and she is a visual artist whose paintings, photographs and films are explorations of mysterious depths, secret places in the psyche and which are deeply imbued with her exquisitely cruel and sympathetic sensuality.

The Goddess has also used her talents and subtle knowledge of human nature doing illustrations for technical manuals and running her own graphics design company on Wall Street. Only a woman of great depth and insight into the human animal could achieve so much at so high a level of success.



I enjoy just looking at the photograph of this very beautiful woman. Exotic beauty. Sensuous beauty. Makes you wonder what she’s thinking…her wonderful artworks cover an incredible range that you can seemingly taste. From one end of the spectrum to the other…

I’ve known Goddess Rosemary since 1984. She was barely old enough to wear lipstick, but she already had incredible artistic talent. I published her in ’84 and ’89. I will include many of her earlier pieces in her Gallery for your enjoyment.

Printed in the “Andrus Gallery” newsletter, New York City…

“A vibrant imagination, sense of balance, unusual texture and a sensitive feeling for color, exemplify the work of this emerging artist. Ms. Rosemary’s artistic fantasies are sensualistic, erotic, and hypnotic in their use of subliminal images. They evoke a deep emotional response in the viewer as they strike mysterious, instinctive and primitive parts of the human psyche. Clearly represented in her work are her interests in superior women, fetish, ritual and the theatrical. The 3D webs Rosemary weaves into several of her paintings as well as her performance art of `living sculptures’, serve as visual examples of contemporary Woman as Goddess. Don’t miss this one! An artist to be watched!”

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Rosemary will do commissioned work, but she prefers not to do “line-by-line” direction artwork. “Fetish/Topic” artwork – knowing the difficulty of realizing the dimensions of one’s fantasies. Serious inquiries may contact Goddess Rosemary at gddssr@aol.com